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Why You Should Power Wash Before Winter

Whether you are gearing up to host the holiday or simply want to get your home ready for spring, giving the exterior a deep clean is crucial to preserving curb appeal. Let’s take a look at the best time to power wash and whether or not you can power wash in the winter.

Why You Should Power Wash Before Winter

When Is The Best Time To Power Wash?

The ideal time to power wash your home is between March and November when temperatures are mild and you have plenty of sunshine. For Texas residents, this can extend far into the fall as temperatures may be too high in the late summer.

Can I Power Wash In The Winter?

Power washing in the winter is not ideal as the temperature can drop below freezing, causing damage to your home. This will also make most washing ineffective as the lower temperatures can affect how to cleaning solutions work.

Professional Power Washing In Houston, Texas

If you need to have your house power washed before the winter months, ExoWash is here to help. With a wide variety of power washing and soft wash services, we can tackle just about any job you may have. To get a quote on your roof cleaning services, fill out our free quote form.