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Hardscaping is the process of adding or improving hard surfaces in a yard. Examples include patios, decks, sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, and built-in barbeque pits. Contact Exoservices to be your hardscape company!


Adding these surfaces will help create spatial division in your yard, such as sectioning off the grass on your yard from the patio. Hardscaping has many other benefits and can help with drainage issues in your yard. For example, adding a patio or walkway around the edge of an existing grassy area will prevent that lawn from becoming muddy when it rains because water will flow easily across the hard surfaces instead of pooling up in the turfgrass areas.


Deck Restoration

When your deck is damaged, it can be an eyesore. Deck restoration and a fresh coat of paint will fill in cracks and improve its appearance for good-looking protection against further damage from environmental conditions. Coatings are often explicitly designed with your lifestyle in mind: they give you peace while providing safety features such as waterproofing.


Deck Staining

Decks are one of the most exposed parts of your house – they get wet and receive a lot of foot traffic. Staining is essential if you want an ever-lasting look for them because it protects against harmful elements like harsh sun or spills that could damage a surface over time. Opaque stains will provide better weather protection, while lighter stains add a subtle aesthetic touch.

Fence Staining

When it comes to investing in something that will last for decades, the fence is an investment worth making. They keep your children and pets safe while providing shade as well as privacy. Staining your fence protects the integrity of its color and appearance, and it’s recommended that this is done every three years.

A good fence stain should:

  • Be either semi-transparent or transparent, depending on the type of fence installed

  • Protect your fence from harmful UV rays

  • Prevent water from seeping into your fence so that it can maintain its rigidity

  • Give a uniform finish for long-lasting protection

What Is Hardscaping? 

Hardscaping is the installation and/or building of landscape structures such as large rocks, pavers, fire pits, ponds, cover patios, and more.  

The Importance of Fence Sealing

Sealing a fence or any wood for that matter will protect it from the harsh outdoor elements, extending its lifespan of the wood. Having a wooden fence, deck, or other wooden structure sealed is an economical long-term investment that will keep you from having to repeatedly replace the wooden structure.

Upgrade With Exohardscapers

Ready for a new deck upgrade? Let us be your hardscape company! 

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