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When To Mulch In Texas

When it comes to Texas landscaping, mulching is an important part of your landscape maintenance plan. Mulching helps protect the soil and roots of plants from harsh elements and provides insulation during colder months. In Texas, certain times of year are better than others to mulch.

When To Mulch In Texas
When To Mulch In Texas

Mulching In The Spring

In Texas, you should mulch in the spring when temperatures rise from winter lows. This is especially important for warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia, which emerge from dormancy in early spring. Adding a layer of mulch helps retain moisture and keeps these grasses healthy. You'll also want to add a layer of compost at this time to give them some extra nutrients as they grow.

Mulching In The Summer

In the summertime, mulching can still be beneficial as it protects the soil from evaporative losses due to higher temperatures and winds. It also helps keep weeds under control by blocking sunlight that would otherwise promote weed growth. So if you haven't already put down some fresh mulch in your landscaping beds each year, now would be a good time!

Mulching In The Fall/Winter

Finally, when fall arrives, and temperatures begin to cool off again, you may want to apply a fresh layer of organic matter such as compost or other types of organic matter like straw or wood chips, so your plants aren't exposed to too much cold air directly touching their roots during winter months. Doing this will help keep your plants healthy throughout winter until warmer weather returns in springtime.

Mulching Services In Houston, Texas

Mulching is an important part of any landscape maintenance plan, but timing can make all the difference when it comes to doing it right for optimal results in Texas climates. Spring is typically the best time for putting down new layers of mulch while summer can help with retaining moisture loss through evaporation and fall can help insulate plant roots from cold winter air temperature extremes.

ExoServices offers professional mulching services in Houston, Texas and our team is highly-knowledgable in mulching for the humid climate. If you would like to get started on your mulching project, fill out our online free quote form.