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4 Reasons To Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The gutters on your home are great for diverting rainwater away from your home, but they can also become a problem if not maintained properly. Today, we will look at 4 reasons you should have your gutters cleaned professionally.

4 Reasons To Have Your Gutters Cleaned

As leaves, sticks, and other tree debris fall onto your roof and gutters, they can quickly become clogged. Having them professionally cleaned can help prevent a wide variety of problems.

Protect Your Roof

As your gutter fills with debris, it can strain your roof and fascia. If your gutters start to fill up with water due to a blockage, it can actually rip your gutter out of your fascia, causing a much larger repair.

Prevent Rain Damage

If your gutter is holding water, rain can rust your metal gutters, leak into unwanted areas, and even cause molding on wooden fascias. Keeping your gutters clean can help prevent unwanted damages and costly repairs.

Reduce The Chance Of A Cracked Foundation

The job of your gutters is to route water away from your home to prevent pooling near your foundation. If your gutters are clogged and water cannot drain properly, it can result in water damaging the foundation and potentially cracking it.

Keeps Pests From Nesting

Gutters full of leaves and sticks is an inviting home to pests such as mice, squirrels, and even snakes. This can cause more damage to your home and a danger to those around your home. Keeping your gutters clean can help prevent pests from calling your gutters home.

Professional Gutter Cleaning In Houston, Texas

If you need your gutters cleaned in Houston, Texas, ExoServices can get the job done. Our ExoWash gutter cleaning can help keep your gutters clean all year long! Give us a call at 832-819-4442 or fill out our contact form today!