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3 Benefits Of Staining Your Fence

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

A wooden privacy fence is a great investment for your home. It increases the security, curb appeal, and privacy of your home. To keep your fence lasting for years to come, you will need to have it stained. Today, we will look at how staining your fence can benefit you.

Protects Your Fence From Rotting

Staining your fence helps to protect the wood from rotting. The stain acts as a sealing agent to repel water and reduce the chances of water damage from rain or sprinkler systems.

Helps To Minimize UV Damage

For those who live in sunnier climates, staining a fence can help to prevent UV damage. Without stain, a wooden fence can quickly fade and become damaged from the sun.

Increase Curb Appeal

While a wooden privacy fence is enough to help increase the curb appeal of any home, a stained fence can add even more appeal. When applied professionally, fence stain can bring out the woodgrain on a fence and give it a more uniform color.

Professional Fence Staining In Houston, Texas

If you need your fence stained in Houston, Texas, ExoServices can get the job done. Our Exohardscapers fence staining service can keep your fence lasting longer! Give us a call at 832-819-4442 or fill out our contact form today!